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Not a Fan of Mould

Recently Home SOULutions was called to a home to determine the source of mould in a washroom.  In the video above, Roy inspects a ceiling fan and explains how it has been a contributing factor.

Tour of Asbestos Containment Area

Roy Piper of Home SOULutions Remediation takes you on a tour of the 3-stage decontamination area and the asbestos containment area. A containment area is built to 'contain' the asbestos fibres in a certain area and away from homeowners.   [author_image...

Asbestos in Canada – Are We Doing Enough?

A recent series of articles in the Globe and Mail newspaper shed some light on something many of us might not know about. It seems while many countries have banned the use of Asbestos, Canada lags behind. In fact, Canada has a long relationship with asbestos as we...

How To Reduce Humidity in Your Home

Humidity in our homes creates a welcoming environment for mould – will damage your home and may harm your health. The good news is that there are simple things you can do now to prevent problems in the future. It’s true what your grandma said – an ounce of prevention...

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