All homeowners should consider a residential mould inspection – we consider this an ounce of prevention that's worth a pound of cure. We will come to your home and do a walk through with you, inspecting any areas of concern as well as do a check for mould. We measure the humidity levels throughout your home and inspect the ventilation systems in your bathroom and attic. We use non-intrusive equipment such as a psychrometer and an infrared camera. We also offer professional air quality testing to test for allergens such as mould spores, fungi and other particles.

Did you know that the cause of mould and humidity issues in your home can be improper ventilation? Not only do bathroom fans age but they have often come dislodged in your attic and are no longer venting to the outdoors. Another common issue is insulation blocking your soffit vents. It’s not just older homes. Owners of brand new home builds are surprised to be dealing with a mould issue. Mould in new homes can be caused by closing up wet materials during the building process.

A residential inspection with Home SOULutions will put you back a couple of hundred dollars, but ignoring humidity and ventilation issues in your home may lead to a more expensive mould remediation project in your future. We have made it our business to be knowledgeable on how to increase the ventilation in your home, reduce humidity and prevent mould. Don't ignore what you can’t see!

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When it comes to purchasing a home - we recommend that you consider a mould inspection in addition to your standard home inspection. Home inspectors often recommend us - we don't replace their services, but instead are called in as the experts when it comes to mould concerns. Purchasers can book us to conduct a 'hazardous materials consultation' with the building inspector at the time of the inspection. We look for mould and identify possible asbestos containing material. We will provide you with a short email report and photos.

High humidity in homes gives mould a welcoming place to settle in. Mould needs food and water to live.
It is very common for venting in your attic to become dislodged. The humidity will cause mould to grow and spores can spread.
Infrared camera showing water intrusion. Mould will grow within 48 hours of water damage.

I would recommend Home SOULution Remediation to anyone that has, or thinks they have, a mould problem.  They are very knowledgeable, very honest, and discuss solutions with you.  By the time they left my home, I felt that they were more of a friend than someone I had just met.

- Vivian Storey, Hornby Island

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