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Insulation Removal

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing Services

We will set up equipment to draw the air through cartridge(s). This testing is conducted indoors and outdoors for comparison. The cartridges are then analysed at a laboratory.

Insulation Removal Services

Not only do we remove asbestos containing vermiculite insulation – we also have the skills and equipment to quickly remove non-containing old batting or blown-in insulation. In a case where there has been an infestation of rats, bats or raccoons we recommend the insulation be removed due to the urine and droppings contaminating the attic.


The Latest

Mould Prevention: Want to know more?

There are simple things you can do help prevent mould. It’s true what your grandma said – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Mould needs food and water to grow. Since we can’t eliminate mould “food” from our homes (drywall, osb, plywood and wood), we...

Should mould in your attic be ignored?

Should the mould in your attic be ignored? Yes, mould is commonly found in our attics here on the wet coast. This is due to our climate, combined with faulty ventilation in the attic or leaks in the roof. Mould is so common that it is often not recognized or...

Did You Save Money?

We recently attended 2 different site visits where they were conducting major renovations on homes built before 1991 and the renovator and/or homeowner were not aware of asbestos protocols. We were surprised to attend a site visit where 2 very large bins were full of...

Zonolite Brand Insulation

Working in an attic, taking out vermiculite insulation, the Home SOULutions team often finds a couple of empty Zonolite bags and occasionally a full one. Imagine our surprise this week when we ran into 15 full bags in the attic - on top of the insulation already...

Important for You

Buying or Selling in Today’s Market?

Entering the real estate market? Buying or selling a home built before 1990? Here are some facts you should know – and your realtor may not. You should be aware that homes that were built or renovated before 1991 will most likely contain asbestos. Asbestos was a...

Are You a Tenant Dealing with Mould?

This article is also a good read for landlords Are you a tenant dealing with mould? First things first. Talk to the homeowner or property manager about it. Express your concerns. Ask if they will have a professional come and assess the situation – someone who is...

What’s in your Attic

It is very common that we are called to inspect an attic for mould, only to discover that either the soffit venting has been covered by insulation or the bathroom venting has been dispersing into the attic. Have you looked in your attic lately? Is the underside of the...

Asbestos Removal – a DIY job?

So you want to take down a wall in your home…you know..the one between the kitchen and living room. It will make your home a little bit more open concept. Simple right? The first question you need to ask yourself is when was your home built? If it was built before...