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Welcome to Home SOULutions Remediation
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re·me·di·a·tion, (ri-mee-dee-ey-shuhn), noun
the correction of something bad or defective

When it comes to asbestos and mould removal – the Home SOULutions team works hard to meet and exceed industry standards. We care about the health of home-owners and the safety of workers. We take pride in a job well-done!

asbestos and mould removalMould Remediation ~ Our staff are guided by training and certifications in mould control, recognition and remediation. We offer thorough and complete inspections and can provide you with a written report regarding the source, repair and prevention. It is important not to cover or ‘encapsulate’ mould. The Home SOULutions process for remediation actually removes the mould from your home.

asbestos and mould removalAsbestos Abatement~ Home SOULutions removes asbestos containing materials from homes built before 1991. Asbestos was used in drywall mud, insulation, flooring and pipe wrap. Home SOULutions doesn’t take any risks or short cuts when it comes to your family’s health and our worker’s safety. When you hire Home SOULutions Remediation for your asbestos abatement project, you can be confident that the job will be done right and on time. Positive final air results are guaranteed!

Lead Paint Removal ~ Your older home may contain lead paint.  Home SOULutions can assist you in identifying the levels of lead in the paint. We will provide you with information and solutions so that you can make educated decisions regarding your home and your family’s safety. High levels of lead in paint can be extremely dangerous. The removal of lead paint is not a DIY project!

Marijuana Grow Op Restoration ~ With 20 years of renovation and restoration experience, coupled with training specific to mould and water damage. Home SOULutions the number one choice for these difficult restoration projects. Our team can take on the clean-up, mould remediation, restoration and oversee the re-certification for occupancy.

Soda Blasting ~ Media Blasting with plain old baking soda is less corrosive than sand, and environmentally friendly when compared to dry ice. Soda Blasting is perfect for the process of removing mould as it strips it from surfaces.  Soda blasting is also an excellent application for cleaning & deodorizing fire & smoke damage, as well as restoring wood & vintage brick.

Home Humidity Checks ~ A Home Humidity Check is an ounce of prevention that’s worth a pound of cure.  Home SOULutions will measure the humidity levels in your home, test your bathroom fans, take a peak in your attic, assess the ventilation, and check for mould.

Odour Control ~ Do you have an odour in your home that you can’t get rid of? Owner / Operator Roy Piper is a Certified Odour Control Technician with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration. Ozone can damage your lungs. Home SOULutions offers a safe air purifying and deodorizing system using hydroxyl.  A Hydroxyl Generator is 100% safe to use in inhabited areas for the purpose of odour control.

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